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There are days when I like being here in Texas and other days when I wish I never moved here.  Today is one of those days I wish I was still living back in NJ when I had no horrible debts and was teaching at  a very cool school.  Right now I am teaching at a great school but it's a private school which means that because of the economy and enrollments going down I have no job after this term is up.  I've been plastering the DFW metroplex with my resume and hitting every job fair I can get to - will be going to the largest teacher job fair in the DFW area on Monday May 4th.  Losing a day's pay to do it too since - unlike ALL the other teacher job fairs I've been to that were run on weekends when people have off work  - the brain trusts in charge of running THIS huge job fair HAVE to do it on a Monday!  Guess they figure teachers that are already working won't come leaving room for all of us who have no jobs come next fall.  Schools from like 10 counties I think will be there and I am desperate enough to take a job that forces me to move so at least I have an income.  I CAN'T afford to have no job.  I'm $80,000 in debt and NEED to pay that money back ASAP.  And the sad thing is I had NO debt when I moved here. ALL that came from 6 YEARS of combined under-employment and NO employment and BILLS up the ass AND a week's stay in the hospital for surgery that was NOT 100% covered by insurance.  So if ANY of my Texas friends want to know WHY I can't afford to do anything that costs money NOW YOU KNOW!  I'm still up for cheap events like my local RPG group, matinee movies, SCA, and doll meets but conventions (except those I'm staffing) and stuff that involves wear and tear on the car is out.  I still want to stay in touch with my friends that aren't local.  The Internet is a great tool for reaching out and touching someone (and so is the telephone!) so I'll be online to hang out whenever I'm not out pounding pavement in my job quest!

EDIT NOTE - NO MORE BIG JOB FAIR ON MAY 4th. Some clown thinks we;re all infected with the pig flu so they cancel what SHOUD HAVE BEEN the BEST networking for teaching jobs for like 10 counties.  This blows man.  Moe I am scrambling to put together resunms with attention grabbing cover letters and tear shrrts from science magazies Im publidhrf in. am so tired my typing if fail,  I'll br puttinh likr 100 resumes in the mail monday ansscatterung them to the winds and prasyer they get into goof hands.All I need is 1 good paying job teachuing sciene and all will be well../ Weell keep you podrf/  zzzlogginh noe got zzzzzzzzzzz


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