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Back surgery is done but I has a few issues with post-op care!
Terry & dog
I had my spinal fusion surgery on Wednesday October 21st.  While I was in the hospital I was on a morphine drip and a regular IV.  The regular IV was how I got all the antibiotics and fluids and stuff.  The pain medicine was kept in this electronically controlled box and to get the machine to dispense the medicine I had to push a button that looked a lot like the Nurse's call button.  It would only dispense the medicine in 6 (or was it 8) minute intervals.  So the patient had to do a lot of clock watching to make sure they got the medicine and it took me a day to  figure it out (after calling the nurse like 6 times!)  I asked why I had to get the pain stuff that way instead of a pill or a shot and I was told that the way they had it set up got best results. Maybe if the data was collected over a LARGE group it showed overall a better result but it didn't work that well on me.  I had to clock watch very seriously for an hour to get in enough doses to notice any effects, AND the doses were 1ml EACH.  So to get a "normal" shot  which might be like 10ml  to 12ml  I would have to sit there and press the button 10 to 15 times which would translate to staying focused on the medicine gathering task for like 2 HOURS.  Supposedly if you keep dosing yourself 1 time every 8 minutes you will keep a more level amount in your body and not get LOTS of pain/NO pain spikes and valleys that can happen with shots of pain medicine.  It's a good idea but you need to have the level you want as your happy medium to be comfortable enough for the patient doesn't dread that little urge to go to hit the head.  Put another way - when it's so bad you ASK to be catheterized just to avoid the walk to the bathroom - THAT is majorly bad.   People thought there was something wrong with me because I complained about the morphine drip.  I'd have no problem with it if it was AUTOMATIC.  Like I had to turn it OFF if I didn't want it.  THAT I could do.  It was spending 5 days checking to see if it was time yet that irked me.  AND being drugged up with EX-LAX and stuff like it because you'll explode if you don't drop a healthy crap the day after major surgery  pissed me off to no end.  I barely ate anything the days preceding my surgery and just drank lots of water, juice and like stuff like that in the day or so after. So what happened? My body said F U to all the "gonna make you poop" medicine and returned it ALL rather explosively all over the bathroom floor.  Well force feeding me that crap ended right there. AND I did "go" on my own 2 days after the surgery with NO HELP from the potty patrol. So now that I am home I go potty when I need to, drink lots because food and I are a little on the outs, look at my meds a little puzzled because they ALL say "4 to 6 hours as needed"  and walk around in a bit of a daze because the house IS STILL CLEAN!!!!!! :)

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