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Post Franken-back update!
If you saw my spine X-Rays you would understand the Franken-back' reference! I now have 4 bolts in my back that look like what is sticking out of Frankenstein's neck times two so there you go! If I could get a good screen cap of my X-rays I'd post them and let everyone see what was done to me! I AM feeling better! I AM driving (even though technically I am not supposed to!) but I can only drive trucks or SUV's or vehicles you have to climb UP into! I can't be crouched down like you do to get into little Japanese rice burners (like what I own) because it hurts too damn much to be in that position right now. What I can and can't do seems to vary by the day and the weather! Overall I am still sore but I mostly feel the pain at the END of the day. I wake up moderately sore but after a day on my feet and being active, doing my therapy, etc. I am reaching for the pain pills so I can get a nights sleep. I don't take pain stuff during the day anymore - only at night - so THAT is a major improvement IMHO! Still can't work though because the drive to my job is an hour and I can't sit in ANY car that long without being in pain. SHORT trips I can do but long ones hurt. I want to go to doll meets while I am recovering but so far all the ones I saw were out of my comfortable driving zone :(
But it's early in the month so I have hope something might pop up in Denton, Flower Mound or Lewisville...!


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