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4 days until Christmas YAY!
Don't hate me but I FINISHED ALL my holiday shopping TODAY! All I have to do now is get my tree up and decorated and gather what I need to make dinner on Friday and I'm DONE! First year I got all the gifts and such done with days to spare! I'm usually one of those poor slobs out there fighting the crowds on Christmas Eve because of a last minute person that got on the holiday list! This year I got my list together EARLY and for financial reasons cut it DOWN a lot! Only close friends and immediate family are getting stuff from me this year! All the casual friends and co-workers got cards if I had their addresses. I've been out of work since June 1st so I didn't have the money to buy gifts for all the folks I would have liked to get gifts for this year. Hopefully 2010 will be a better year for me and next Christmas I will be able to play Santa :D to my friends and family! Hope everyone has a great Christmas and a great 2010~


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