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LOTS of Travel!
On Thursday EARLY I'm off to Corpus Christie for the Texas State Democratic Convention. I'll be driving down with 2 other Democrats who will be my roommates for the weekend. This is my first time in Corpus Christie and I'll be spending most of it in a convention center! On the upside I'll be (hopefully) selling MANY copies of my book to raise money for our local candidates running for election in November. Downside is I won't get to see much of the cool stuff in town. I'll have to get back down there sometime when I have time and money to enjoy this very cool resort town!
On Monday June 28th I'm off for 4 days in Philadelphia to help Kat move back to Texas. She is transferring to a college in Dallas FROM the school she was going to in Philly. She'll lose like 2 semesters worth of credits (which sucks!) but she'll be getting into the Film and Visual Arts program she wants AND she'll be closer to all her friends which will make her MUCH happier. Her friends can't wait for her to come back - they all missed her while she was in PA. Her family missed her too!! After we BOTH get back on the 1st of July we're going to the premier of AIRBENDER - the film Kat worked on last summer and was actually IN as a member of the Water Tribe! SO it'll be a busy week for me and I'm going to join Kat in her plan of spending the 4th of July weekend doing lazy relaxing stuff like fireworks on the lake and eating yummy barbeque!


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