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Maybe job?
After mailing out 200+ resumes and cover letters to middle and intermediate schools in 10 COUNTIES I may have a nibble! One of the principals I wrote to actually CALLED ME for an interview!  It's to teach a 5th grade self-contained class of about 19 or so students in a SMALL school in Milford Texas.  The school has all grades K-12 housed in one building and the student body there int he WHOLE SCHOOL is like 250 kids!  Milford is a small town about a half-hour away from Waxahachie where Scarborough Renfair is held.  Its 90 minutes in GOOD traffic from Keller which means I'd have to move down there if they give me the job.  Even f I moved there I'd still come back to Keller every weekend sin e Keller is my REAL home and anything I got down there would just be work week crash space. 
I'm still hoping a school CLOSER to me calls but after the dismal results from the last bunch of teacher cattle calls (aka "job fairs") I went to I'm not in a position to hold out too long.  I've got 2 big strikes against me - a Masters degree and teaching experience - which means only a district that can't get a new graduate teacher for the job MIGHT have to look at someone like me.  The last 2 jobs I got were from "desperate" districts that couldn't get the cheap help and had to pay what the State of Texas says you have to pay for a teacher with a Master's degree plus X years of classroom experience. 
I'm willing to do what it takes to stay in teaching.  I'd LIKE to teach for a district in my area but Keller is notoriously cheap and tends to recruit teahcers right out of college so it's unlikely they will even pay attention to the resume I sent them. ALl th eother districts I wrote to that had science postions I'm HOPNG at least look over my credentials.  I went to 2 HUGE job fairs in April and left 50+ resumes and didn't get so much as a email in reply.  The big one that was supposed to go on in may got cancelled because of the Swime Flu.  So HUGE  lost chance to get a job because that fair was supposed to have like 100 schools at it with jobs!  ALL of those schools got letters and resumes from me via the post office.  AND one of them actually contacted me (which was the Milford School) so I'm going to go out there and see what happens.
AND if they are the ONLY school offering me a job by the end of July I'm taking their offer and relocating.  Sorry to say this but I owe over 60K (most of it on a bank loan that covered a HUGE doctor bill)  and no one is going to pay that money back for me.  I NEED a job.  I HAVE to work.  I'd rather do that here in Keller but sometimes you have to sacrifice what you like to take care of responsibilities.  It sucks but you do what you gotta to get the job done.  Everyone will still see me but it'll be only on the weekends! 
Hey - if you have any friends on school boards and want to put int he good word for me I'd appreciate it! I'd love to stay here but I NEED A JOB to do that!  See some of you at A-KON!


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