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A-KON YAY!!!!!!!!
In an hour and a half I am OFF WORK and OFF to A-KON!  I had all my actual work done by 10AM but have to stay until my shift ended at noon.  I get paid for the hours I am here but I wish I could have left early to be at the con!  I picked up my badge Thursday afternoon fighting Dallas traffic BOTH ways to get to the Convention center to do that but it was worth it.  All I have to do now is go home, change into con clothes and get my butt to Dallas!  Won't be able to afford to shop because my job ends June 1st but at least I'll get to see all my friends and hang out, do the panels and see all the cool cosplay! A-KON gets bigger every year - soon it's going to be as big as Otakon if it keeps growing the way it has been growing. This is it's 20th year! OMG!  It's the oldest anime convention in Texas.  I like going to A-KON but I stopped wotking this con because I liked doing gaming track and unless you ran CCG tourneys or video gaming it wasn't a well-attended bit of programming.  I will be going to AnimeFEST also at the end of tyhe summer and hope to be in Artist Alley for that show like I was last year.  I didn't sell much but I had fun hanging out with everyone in the Alley so it was cool.  Hope to see some of you LJ folks at A-KON!!


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