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Terry & dog
It's blockbuster season in movie theaters. What was the last movie you saw?

I passed my Life and Health Licensure Exam with an 80 on Sunday! YAY! I had to pass this as part of my training at my new job! GOD that test was HARD!!  So much facts, figures and stuff. I am NOT good at memorizing numbers - I'm better at concepts and definitions.But it's OVER and once I submit the paperwork to the state of Texas and get my official license I can start working and GETTING PAID!!  I still have one more hunk of training to go through for another license but I was told I don't have to rush and do that immediately.  I can give my brain a break and work for a while, make some money and then sign up for the Securities class.  I need to get a license to sell securities because my company is a financial services group and they mange people's stock and bond and mutual funds portfolios and a rep can't look at that stuff legally until they are licensed. 
So getting THAT license will be my next goal but I'm going to wait until after I have my back surgery to start work on that.  I'll be laid up in bed anyway for a few weeks anyway after the operation so spending my recovery peiod with a fat textbook to keep me busy makes sense!  I go in early October for the operation so I should be up and around in time for Halloween!  My biggest ptoblem will be finding a costume idea that will work around a back brace.....!


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