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Ebay find
Terry & dog
Wandering around EBay today I found an Angelic Pretty Lolita dress in a size that would fit an American! Not a twiggy wanna-be Japanese girl American but a regular American with boobs and hips! This caught my eye since the only way I envisioned seeing any of this style of clothing on anyone I knew was if I made it for them or they stitched it up for themselves! MOST of my friends are NOT fat - they are just "normal" ladies with boobs, hips and stuff that doesn't seem to exist any farther East than Hawaii! Not that Japanese girls aren't lovely - THEY ARE! BUT if an American desires to dress in their fashions they are out of luck unless they happen to be built like a petite Japanese girl! My friends who do Lolita mostly make their own clothes and do a super job of it! BUT I know they would LOVE to wear the real thing" if they could find it in their size! Anyone who has anything to do with Lolita fashion in Asia take note - IF you make a line for American ladies THEY WILL BUY IT! TRUST ME!


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