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<input ... ></input><input ... >Today I marched with the Tarrant County Democrats in the Fort Worth Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade.  Lots of fun - perfect weather - and got to do a little networking while my feet pounded the pavement!  I wanted to get more involved with working for my party beyond being just the secretary of my local chapter.  So if all goes well I'll be working at a local polling place during the primaries this spring.  I got to meet a lady who works for the County Board of Elections and got my name in to work during the primaries.  The work isn't high pay but it's a way to get more involved in local politics.  In my quest to find a teaching job I got my resume and assorted other paperwork in with a placement agency that specializes in finding jobs for teachers. After sending out 300+ resumes last summer and getting only FOUR interviews and NO offers I think it's time to work with a pro.  Hopefully by this time next year I'll be back in a classroom teaching science and NOT hip deep in debt!  Today was a hopeful day... :D


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