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Doll Meet
I went to a doll meet at an INDOOR Sonic today! Didn't know the fast food place known for AWESOME onion rings and nice carhops had a sit down place run like Whataburger! It was a neat experience. We had a good turnout for a rainy Saturday and I think the proximity to Grapevine Mills Mall made the meet something folks could combine with an afternoon of shopping. We (as usual) had more dolls in attendance than people but it was fun! Renee made it a party atmosphere by bringing doll-sized champagne glasses and giving one to every doll who looked old enough to drink! Lots of pretty dolls and my newest girl - a Rosette School Fir (her name is Winry!) made her debut at this meeting! Here are two pix - one of most of the resin attendees and one of Edo and Winry! ENJOY!


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