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Being unemployed sucks!
My resume is everywhere I can shove it online and I'm with 2 employment agencies and will add some more local ones to the list after Easter but still haven't been able to find anything since I finished working for the primary election. However being out of work doesn't mean your family respects this "lack of money" thing. Your kids STILL spend money like they are the spawn of Donald Trump and your S.O. bitches you out behind your back how you aren't working hard enough to (a) get a job and thinks you should GIVE UP on finding a job IN YOUR PROFESSION (which is where you have experience and a chance to earn a REAL paycheck!) because they think that looking for something in your field is "holding you back" from finding work! I'm willing to get a temp job out of my field (which I've applied for in numerous spots!) but there will be some HUGE educational job fairs coming up in the next few weeks where I have a chance at landing a teaching job. I can see bailing on teaching if I get NO CONTRACT by the end of July but I still think I have the RIGHT to work in a field I put a lot of time and effort to get into! I like being a teacher. BUT getting a job when you have (a) a Master's degree and (b) YEARS of experience in the state of Texas is tough. The public schools only hire people like me if they can't find a new grad to do the job. They treat hiring teachers like they do road construction - the contract goes to the lowest bidder. Wish me luck!


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