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Where I've been...
thoughtful Terry
I haven't posting to here since August because I've been kinda busy. FIRST it was job hunting and although I got a few nibbles AND found a part-time gig for 2 weeks in October I am STILL looking for something that isn't retail. I am still doing my part-time sewing gig for Sci-Fi Hero, the company that makes Battlestar Galactica and other costumes from TV sci-Fi shows, but the assignments aren't steady and the money just keeps me in gas and food which has been helpful while I've been looking for a REAL JOB.

Had a bright spot - went to Universal Studios Florida and went to the Harry Potter theme park they have there. OMG! THIS IS POTTER HEAVEN! It was EPIC! They re-created Hogsmeade so perfectly I want to move there! I ate at the Three Broomsticks and drank so much butterbeer I thought I'd barf when I rode the Harry Potter ride. It was amazing! Spend almost the whole day there. The last 2 hours the park was open we did a quick run through the area where they had all the cool superhero stuff and hit the stuff there we missed the last time we were in that park (like 2 years ago!) and then it was time to go :(

Came home to dealing with a health issue that had been bothering me for a long time and it got to the point where I had to face the sad fact that I've run out of drugs I can take to manage it and now have to move on to more invasive measures. Unlike my spinal fusion surgery last year which hurt like a bitch and I'm STILL kinda recovering from what I need now is a pacemaker. I'm wearing an external one now and the surgery to get a real one is done outpatient and you can go back to work and stuff in 3 weeks. I was told I'll be sore for a few days afterwards but the 3 weeks of no work and taking it easy is to make sure everything heals good and the mechanical end of it is in place and functioning correctly. ADDED plus - the battery will be put someplace not visible (they tuck it in the fat of your butt which in MY CASE means it'll be WELL HIDDED!!) and no one will know I'm electrically pumped until I get to the airport! LOL! December will be spent recovering from that surgery so I'll have the excuse for being home - while I'm healing I'll be decorating the house real pretty and cooking lots of holidays yums!


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